Comment Policy

The current guidelines that we’ve got set are that comments containing certain words, or more than a certain number of links, will automatically have to be moderated by cacophonies or imnotme. First-time commenters also go into moderation automatically until they have a comment approved; later comments (that don’t contain certain words or too many links) will be approved immediately, but are still subject to deletion.

The general comment guidelines are as follows:

– Comments will be respectful and free of condescension, snark, and patronizing language.

– Commenters that do not follow this policy will simply have their comments deleted. Any attempt to tell me that I am disallowing them the right to free speech will be ignored, because I already told you to be nice, and the Constitution doesn’t protect you on this blog;

– That said, dissent is welcome, even encouraged. When it is practiced respectfully.

Thank you for your help in making this a respectful place to have discussions about feminism and related issues!


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