this page has been modified from it’s original form. The comments that currently show up may seem disjointed.

Hi! We’re a blog, on the internet. As the name of the blog would suggest, we are supportive of feminism, and we strive to be nice.

The reason for the name of the blog is to hopefully create an environment of security in the feminist blog-o-sphere, which often condescends the under-studied or novice social thinker. We just want people to talk honestly about their experiences so that a greater cumulative sense of understanding can be reached between those who think Feminism is obsolete and those who think we have a long way to go.

Our posts tend to be philosophical in nature, and you can expect us to just throw out ideas, viewpoints, or theories. We want to have discussions, and we invite dissent and challenges. This is where the “nice” part comes in, though: you can’t be an ass hole. No attitude, or your comment either doesn’t get published, or it’s deleted immediately. We will not tolerate snark, insults, or blatantly malicious comments. No personal insults. It deviates from everyone else having a productive conversation where everyone learns from each other, and instead causes tension and anger.


10 responses to “About

  1. Interesting idea. How do you see this as differing from finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com?

    Also what if my questions aren’t 101 level?

    • Actually, I hadn’t seen the section in that blog where they had discussions and questions were welcome until after I set up this blog. I’ve been trying to think of a different, but still similar, way to approach it.

      As far as non-101 questions, I would prefer those. The reason I specified 101-style questions as the type that I would not berate commenters from asking is because those are the most frequent types I see get lambasted for simply asking a question without going to the moon and back to educate themselves.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll keep an eye out for future posts, and please, if you ever do want to ask a non-101 question, I’d be happy to engage you in a respectful discussion. People like that seem to be lacking from… well, the entire internet.

    • …(later in the day) check out my recent page update, where I try to explain that, and follow-up posts.

  2. Actually, I don’t think that “Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog”, has posted comments from readers in almost a year. Which to me evades the point of having a “Feminism for Beginners” blog, IMHO. So, I am appreciative of your efforts here. 🙂

  3. If you’re going to change the theme again, consider looking out for one which shows the post author automatically. Also one with links to previous and next post.

    Any chance of that “recent posts” widget?

    • Oh, and can you increase the number or entries in the recent comments widget to the maximum of 15 please?

      • edited for clarity


        And, if I must say, you have a slightly irritating way of asking questions, in regards to suggestions for additions/widgets/etc. on this blog.

        “You might want to increase the number of entries in the ‘recent comments’ widget to 15, because…” would have been a better way to make a suggestion about someone else’s blog format, among other options/tones.

        Just a friendly suggestion.

      • Thanks. That’s a great improvement.

        Sorry if my tone comes across as irritating. It’s certainly not my intention to appear to be demanding. I avoid the “you might want…” formula because it’s not my place to tell anyone else what they might or might not want.

        Tone is very difficult to control.

    • re: post author theme: I was trying to find one, actually. I keep needing to go back and edit posts to clarify that I’m the writer, and edit imnotme’s to say the same. Soon enough.

      I’ll see how a “recent posts” widget looks on this theme.

      • Sorry if my tone comes across as irritating. It’s certainly not my intention to appear to be demanding.

        No problem. It is the internet, after all, and tone is always misread.

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