Considering a Move

Clearly, The Nice Feminist has gotten too angry to maintain a blog with the word “nice” in its title.

I’ll probably be moving this blog elsewhere and broadening the range of topics. If/when that happens, I’ll post the new blog address.


3 responses to “Considering a Move

  1. I honestly thought the title was meant to be sarcastic when I first saw it before I had read a single word you had written.

    I apologize if I’m partially responsible for making you feel obligated to change locales.

    • No, not at all. I just realize that calling myself “nice” and writing a post (or several) in an angry, flippant tone that pisses a lot of people off makes me look… silly. No worries!

  2. That’s why I have a generic name like I do. It doesn’t focus on one topic and I’ll change at a whim. Best of luck on the new place.

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