NPR Rocks This Week

by cacophonies

I have the luxury of a desk job where I’m able to listen to my mp3 player/FM tuner while working. I alternate between radio and mp3s, depending on my mood, but I always try to catch two NPR broadcasts: MidMorning (of the MPR variety), and Talk of the Nation, which are my favorite programs.

Monday on Talk of the Nation, athlete Steve McNair’s murder at the hand of his girlfriend sparked a discussion about The Violence We Ignore; men as victims of domestic violence. It was a great discussion that I hope you’ll listen to.

In other NPR news, Monday, July 20 was the 40th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon. NPR staff reporting on the anniversary continually referred to the event as the day that the “first person” walked on the moon. Hooray for non-gendered language being deliberately used to remember an event in human history!


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