Mocking Gendered Advertising

by cacophonies

I’m not necessarily going to make a habit of posing links to things or arbitrary whining about whatever Rush or Ann are up to these days, but I couldn’t resist sharing a link to this hilarious video.

(for some reason, I couldn’t embed the video, so you’ll have to click the link to get to the Feministe thread where I found it.)

Of course, there are plenty of damaging ways that marketing and gendered advertising hurts men, but this video in particular perfectly, and hilariously, illustrates those ways in which it is damaging (not to mention annoying, insulting, and a slew of other qualifiers) to women.


2 responses to “Mocking Gendered Advertising

  1. Well, I am a fairly brilliant beer drinker, or I think I’m brilliant when I’m drinking beer, er…

  2. I wish I had an ice-cold Summit in my medicine cabinet.

    …Also, ditto to the illusion of brilliance-while-beered statement. I should also probably stop trying to blog under the influence.

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